“Like it is said, when born, human being is like ‘tabula rasa’ – an empty painting. The traces on the painting are painted as the experiences are acquired. In October 2012 Virve Seppä left on a journey to South-East Asia – On a journey that changed her notion of the world. She sold all her belongings leaving behind a comfortable life and stepping out side of her comfort zone and into a whole new different world. 239 days later she returned to Finland filled with experiences, opinions and ideas that formed her notion of the humanity and of her self. “


Now Virve – who mocks materialism and transfers to a plain independency – has painted her path of spiritual growth into pictures. The exhibition is on display in restaurant Yoki from 17th of October until 18th of December 2013. Memories are priceless, but the paintings are for sale on this Facebook page in an auction from 1st until 18th of December 2013.